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My aim is to provide a reliable, clearly priced service to householders.

As such my rate is £50 for the first hour and thereafter,£35 per hour. Payment terms: Within 7 days of invoice date.

Where pipe freezing is either required or recommended to reduce labour time then a charge of £25 will be made.

This rate excludes the cost of parts but I will advise you on a cost for those when I quote for your job.

There is no VAT to be paid on the total as I operate below the VAT threshold.

As a general guide to how much your job may cost please use the following approximate examples:

One hour tasks

Rewasher & Re-Seat a pair of taps or change ceramic disc cartridges
Repair a push button toilet dribbling into pan.
Repair a push button toilet activating internal overflow.
Refit a low level toilet cistern with new flush or float operated valve.
Replace float valve in Cold Water Storage Cistern.
Fit new basin taps.
Change syphon diaphragm in a low level cistern.
Install Kitchen Tap

Two hour tasks

​Radiator Valve changed
Install new bath taps.
Replace Syphon Diaphram on a Close Coupled Toilet.
Install Outside Tap.

Three Hour Tasks

Install washing machine/ dishwasher connections.
Shower Pump changed.

Four / Five hour tasks

Remove old and install a new close coupled WC
Radiator changed / moved including new connections. 
Install replacement kitchen sink
One day tasks
Remove old and install new HW Cylinder
Remove old and install/commission new Cold WaterStorage cistern in loft.
Rebalancing radiators.
Shower/ House pumps installed - I recommend Stuart Turner pumps for low noise and reliability. 

A word about showers. Each one is different and it helps enormously if you know in advance what type of shower you have. Parts are generally specific to each shower and  so generally repairing a shower can take two visits, one to identify the shower and diagnose the fault and after parts have been sourced, a second visit to fit them. There is generally a good parts back up for branded showers, less so for other suppliers.

Please be aware that every home is unique and therefore no two jobs are exactly the same, hence this is a general guide to what I consider to be the `normal time' I would expect these tasks to take.  This is not an exhaustive list of work undertaken.