We prefer payment by cheque or BACs. Cheques should be made payable to Wimborne Plumbing and sent to the address on the invoice. BACs payments should be sent to the bank details on the invoice. 

We are a small business and cash flow is important. We ask for payment of invoice within 7 days after work has been completed.   Payment is defined as either a cheque/cash  being received by us & honoured by your bank or BACs being received at the designated bank a/c on the invoice.

After the 7 day period has expired a gentle reminder will be sent but if you manage to get to the end of the month in which the work has occurred without payment then a standard non payment letter will be sent and this will incur a £25 charge which will be added to your invoice. 

2 months after continued non payment an application will be made to the small claims court for non payment and all reasonable costs associated with this application will be added to the invoice, namely the court charge of  £150 and £25 per hour spent dealing with the application and attending court.