*Plumbing work is available as normal but to keep both of us safe I'll need a clear work area with any house residents in another room for the duration of my visit. I'll need you to empty any relevant cupboards before I arrive for a timed appointment. When I arrive and have knocked on the door, please update me with any new information and then vacate the hall to another area. Once the work is complete I will wipe down any surfaces I have touched with a bleach spray or similar and go back to the front door where I'll let you know I've finished and ask for an email address to send the invoice to. *​​​ 
Work Undertaken

I don't fit bathrooms or do any gas work 

But I do the following: all repairs including leaking toilets, cisterns, taps, valves, pipes etc.

Replacement of Cold Water Storage cisterns & hot water tanks.

Pipework moved

Radiators added, moved or removed.

Towel rails installed.

Washing machine and dishwasher connections.

Outside taps installed.

Water Softeners installed. I install Infinity Softeners supplied by a local company, Southern Softflow.

Blockages cleared..

Central Heating system repairs and fault finding.

Water saving and low noise cistern devices used where suitable.

A word about showers. Each one is different and it helps enormously if you know in advance what type of shower you have or can send me a picture,

 Parts are generally specific to each shower and  so generally repairing a shower can take two visits, one to identify the shower and diagnose the fault and after parts have been sourced, a second visit to fit them. There is generally a good parts back up for branded showers, less so for other suppliers

Please text or email for a quick response and a free, no obligation quote.To give you peace of mind:I live locally in Wimborne & can respond quickly to your enquiry.

All my work meets Water Regulations (1999) specifications & isguaranteed.

Fully liveried Van.Fully insured.

Quotations and advice are free.

Qualified and fully insured. All work guaranteed.


My aim is to provide a reliable, clearly priced service to householders &  I do not charge a call out fee. 

As such my work rate is £50 for the first hour and thereafter £35 per hour. Payment within 7 days of invoice date.

Where pipe freezing is either required or recommended to reduce labour time then a charge of £25 will be made.

This rate excludes the cost of parts but I will advise you on a cost for those when I quote for your job.

There is no VAT to be paid on the total as I operate below the VAT threshold.

As a general guide to how much your job may cost please use the following approximate examples:

One hour tasks

Rewasher & Re-Seat a pair of taps or change ceramic disc cartridges
Repair a push button toilet dribbling into pan.
Repair a push button toilet activating internal overflow.
Refit a low level toilet cistern with new flush or float operated valve.
Replace float valve in Cold Water Storage Cistern.
Fit new basin taps.
Change syphon diaphragm in a low level cistern.
Install Kitchen Tap

Two hour tasks

​Radiator Valve changed
Install new bath taps.
Replace Syphon Diaphram on a Close Coupled Toilet.
Install Outside Tap.

Three Hour Tasks

Install washing machine/ dishwasher connections.
Shower Pump changed.

Four / Five hour tasks

Remove old and install a new close coupled WC
Radiator changed / moved including new connections. 
Install replacement kitchen sink
Fit a Water softener - I install for Southern Softflow, the local dealer for Infinity Water Softeners
One day tasks
Remove old and install new HW Cylinder

Remove old and install/commission new Cold WaterStorage cistern in loft.
Rebalancing radiators.

Shower/ House pumps installed
- I recommend Stuart Turner Monsoon pumps for low noise and reliability. 

Please be aware that every home is unique and therefore no two jobs are exactly the same, hence this is a general guide to what I consider to be the `normal time' I would expect these tasks to take.  This is not an exhaustive list of work undertaken.

Southern Softflow- Water Softeners
Shower Doctor- Shower Parts
Lunns - Toilet Parts
Stuart Turner Monsoon Pumps